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nutberry! squawk!
2004-02-17 | 8:59 a.m.
to whit: to want: here's what surrounds me. Punchy is up on her perch and she is squawking for a nutberry. So I just got up to go get her some. Frances Bean is on the floor biting my toes. Mom is in my lap (mom is a cat). The Nyquil that I gave my sister for her allergies somehow found its way back on my computer desk, I suppose the distasteful way that she wrinkled her nose when I handed it to her had something to do with it. I just spoke with Shaun (who is in Compiegne) on the phone a moment ago. Last night I was curled up with my laptop, Otisanek, in bed, and it felt refreshing. It reminded me of doing the same thing in New York City while I was writing Maudlin when I was eighteen. Well this is a dull lull, I admit, but at the moment I'm sleepy. aurevoir!

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