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parrot on the head
2004-02-18 | 11:27 a.m.
check it! I just took little samick to school, she has been sick as of late. so sick, she claimed, that she is unable to argue with her classmates. it must be quite serious. I feel the urge to clarify my position: she is my sister, not my daughter, and I have custody of her because both of my parents met untimely, if not unfortunate, demises. She is fourteen and pretty as a peach. People say that we resemble one another. I think that she resembles me, however, because I am the original, trademarked, sealed signed and stamped daughter of the year. actually I was an ugly baby. I realize that I am being inconsistent with my capitalization, but it is a useless formality.

I am at work. I brought punchy (parrot) to work to see if anyone would notice, and people are noticing. I also took Punchy to the very last FronteraFest play-cluster that Paul and I went to, and it was very difficult to keep her hidden. She wanted to be up on my shoulder and I was forced to keep escalating her between my lap and the floor, where she quickly became very exasperated with this arrangement and proceeded to be very vocal with me about it. ordinarily she is quite discreet but I finally acquiesced and allowed her to perch on the very top of my head. She promptly fell asleep. It was a rather embarrassing evening, especially when people point and ask if the top of the lungs if that is a PARROT on your HEAD. I really have no answer to this question.

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