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a Bad bath
2004-02-19 | 7:58 a.m.
so-ho! at the moment I am helping my sister with her absurdly easy algebra homework. I would like to take a picture of her to place here, but until I find my USB cable that I have managed to lose I will be unable to do so. I think that last sentence is positively ripe with dangling modifiers. I'm sorry.

I hung out with calvin last night and accidently fell asleep at his house, and while I was walking out to my car, the sky was a very pale, nearly indiscernible lavender. isn't that a charming anecdote? I like the moral ambiguity particularly. just kidding. I always try to make algebra homework fun for sam by saying things like 'flip it or ticket!' but I can tell that I'm just getting on her nerves.

My name is Christian, and I am a twenty year old, 5'9, 130 pounded white female. I wish that my name was Christian Von Aristocrat. Actually one of Patrick Bateman's best friends in American Psycho is named Van Patten and I have always been fond of that name. but Christian by any other name would smell just as sweet, but actually I smell weird. the word for 'bath' in German is 'Bad,' and that's always made me laugh. I'm trying to make this somewhat interesting, so here's a picture of me in Ecuador last month, with my elephantine companion, Max.

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