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we used english to communicate
2004-02-19 | 4:36 p.m.
I had a most unpleasant conversation today with one of sam's teachers; sam nicknamed him 'mr sparkles,' but I think his real name is Mr. Sparkman. He called her a communist after overhearing her denounce bush. I tried to be reasonable about the entire situation, especially after reading nickled and dimed, but there really is no easy way to accuse someone and Schweinhund Sparkles was everything you would expect from a man that would call a fourteen year old kommunistisch. to be fair, I did ask him if he had read the works of marx and engels. no, he hadn't, but jesus hates equality in general and mao zedong particularly.

sam just popped up from school with some of her manicured n' meaty male friends. They're a bit too prematurely heartsick for my tastes, but I don't generally meet enormous guys that claim to be 'good providers,' and if I did, I might think that they were trying to sell me healthcare. I have organic chemistry homework. here's a picture of sam and me via disneyworld, after a particularly excruciating ride about the wonderful world of the imagination.

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