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an eagle in my mind
2004-02-23 | 7:46 p.m.
hello, I am in my own telephasic workshop, in which I am sick and Shaun is taking care of me. He bought me pop rocks. I feel exceptionally hebetudinous and lethargic. Therefore I have no idea how to make the unnecessary things of my life interesting to others, or to myself, as I am incoherent and tired, and you want to be ENTERTAINED. So here are the facts: last night Rachel and I went to mojo's, walked around, got high, went to josh's party, and went back to mojo's again. I don't like being high at all. Time becomes the most languorous thing in the world, but everything is completely engrossing, and I will slowly come to realize that I have done absolutely nothing with myself except stare at something completely inane for hours. However, it did make my headache go away. Today I went to Little City and set up a wireless router in my house.

Last night I dreamt that sam and I stopped at a rural bakery, perhaps in Germany. We were having an animated conversation in the car when we were approached by five men, all of which picked up these enormous machine guns. I threw myself across my sister, but I could feel tiny pin-pricks all over my body, and I could feel my kneecaps break into millions of pieces. They fired hundreds of times. I suppose that simply illustrates the somewhat erroneous subconscious assumption that I have that nothing can really harm me, plus I am terribly brave and somewhat irresponsible. death is a logical end for others, but unfathomable for myself. Writing down this dream reminds me of Borges, "Retold, my dream is nothing; dreamt, it was terrible."

I am a blip on the twirling world, and I'm happy about that. I must admit, however, that if I had the opportunity to eradicate everyone else, I probably would.

shaun and me at shanna and jeremy's anniversary party, I think.

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