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2004-02-28 | 5:15 a.m.
I'm fairly certain that you know all about food-group friendships; peas and carrots, peanut butter and celery. I recently introduced hummus to potatoes and I think that they're going to get along grrreat.

I almost died last night on I-35. Something huge and made of plaster flew from an enormous, greasy truck and almost hit my windshield. I swerved to the right, the cars in front of me got into a wreck. I think my last thought while nearly dying was 'how embarrassing.' I hate large trucks and things made of plaster. and I hate I-35.

Paul lives next door to this woman who left her house for the first time the other day in four years -- to get her mail. I'm fairly sure it's psychosomatic; regardless, the next time she goes out to get her mail, I'm going to leap into her house and lock it from the inside. I wonder if she would seek help or just totally freak out.

I always have nightmares. Last night I dreamt that I was dragging Laura and Jonathan up the stairs in this wagon, when Laura gently suggested to me that perhaps it was not the safest idea. Of course I just shrugged her off. Then the handle of the wagon slipped from my hands and they went clattering down the stairs. I ran down to the stair-well, where their bodies were bent in unnatural positions and thick, soupy puddles of blood were all over the floor. I felt just awful.

yes, I've been to jail, but not for being a crack-dealing hooker. it wasn't even my fault! but jail was cold and lonely.

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