porn, super porn
2004-03-01 | 8:01 p.m.
This is a picture that Holly sent me and I'm only assuming that something unmentionable is happening here.

We used to go to a music camp every summer in Florida. She played the violin, but curiously we never played a duet. The first time at camp on the first day we were sitting in this musty little room, talking, and while I drew on the chalkboard she played Thais Meditation by Massenet. I heard that song driving home last night and it felt absolutely amazing. The music camp was terribly strict; one of the most fun nights we had we grasped my piano instructor, Mr. Nage, by the arm and dragged him into this dark alley and begged him not to rape us. He was from Brazil and really didn't have any idea as to what we were talking about. In retrospect, it was mean.

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