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2004-03-02 | 8:00 a.m.

I found this cat outside my door this morning and with a bit of cajoling, I brought him inside.

at the present moment I have three cats: george, mom, and biscuit. Once mom was lost, and I looked everywhere and made fliers and put up signs and went door to door looking for him. My neighborhood is profoundly unfriendly and I'm fairly sure that if someone came across mom, they would have chopped him up and fed him to their children, hopefully the ones who leave their bikes in the middle of the road. But I hoped that someone picked him up and fed him and was nice to him, and at least if I couldn't have him he had a warm home. About a month later I was typing a paper in my computer room and singing when I heard this incessant meowing outside of my window. I went outside and it was mom!! I was thrilled. I really have no idea how he found his way back home, as he isn't very perspicacious. So I think I will give this strange cat a warm home with lots to eat and try to find out where he came from. In the meantime, I'll name him 'fashion' and suffocate him with love.

UPDATE: Fashion really loathes my dogs. He has effectively humiliated Frances, Quigley, and Hamilton, but apart from that he seems fine. He likes to wash and make himself look like a pretty princess.

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