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2004-03-05 | 10:20 p.m.

I think I should probably make a list of the people that I really hate in this world, but there are only two. One of them is Peter Bay, the conductor of the Austin Symphony Orchestra. This is how KMFA advertises the Austin Symphony Orchestra: "Join the Austin Symphony Orchestra this blah blah blah... the brilliant Peter Bay conducts!" I went tonight to see the brilliant Peter Bay conduct, and he was exceptionally aggravating. I'm so distracted by Peter Bay whenever I see the symphony. I can imagine myself playing the violin but being constantly distracted by a pretentious flick of his hand, or by the way his hair springs into the air with every impatient jerk of his head. He always gazes at the guest players with really patronizing looks, like they're pets that have accidently fetched the wrong thing. I think I would loathe being a part of the orchestra because I hate large groups of people and it would pain me to see Peter Bay glare at me when I wasn't crescendoing properly.

Tonight I'm going down to the college radio station to hear Calvin play. I will probably breathe a little, I might be cold. Just imagine a world without concrete because that's what I think of when I'm sad.

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