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dreamy little dreams
2004-03-06 | 10:24 a.m.

That is my parents' wedding picture, taken October 11th, 1982. I hear Mendelssohn's "sweet remembrance" in my head when I see it, and so should you.

when I was little I would go to school early to put notes in people's desks like 'you're so pretty. I've had a crush on you for ages! But I'm too shy to tell you.' Then I would watch people read them.

In waking life I don't think that I have any kind of 'issues' with my parents, and I was a very obedient child. But I always have dreams that I'm yelling at my parents and kicking things over. I also have dreams that I'll be walking arm-in-arm with someone who knows that my father has died, when my father will come meandering over some distant hillside acting as though his presence is completely normal. He always acts cheerful and it always seems perfectly reasonable that he is there, but occasionally someone will say 'I thought you had told me that your father died' and I become terribly confused.

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