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2004-03-15 | 4:34 p.m.

It's my third day in Honduras, and it's downright paradisiacal. Being under the water is like living inside of Throbbing Gristle's Distant Dreams pt. 2. The night divers are coming in now with their light wands, and bats are swarming around my head eating the ants off of the humming bird feeder. I chased a manta ray around the reefs today, and I also tried to catch this crab that is always sunning himself outside of my hut. He always wins, though. This afternoon he got a good chunk of my toe.

Around lunchtime I decided to get my hair braided so that it wouldn't always be in the way of my dive mask by two sassy women with perfectly charming accents. We were sitting in the cheerful sun when all of a sudden I saw two iguanas chasing each other on the sandy path. "Look!" I exclaimed to no one in particular, because I find it unusual when two enormous lizards are chasing each other. The woman that was braiding my hair simply nodded sagely. "It be mating season," she said. "You want to be holding on to your camera. If you wait, you can catch them doing all kinds of nasty." She wiggled her eyebrows expressively at this. I was mortified. "ummm," I said. To change the subject I pointed at a palm tree that looked like it had bunches of carrots tied around its middle. "That looks like a carrot tree," I said. Eliyana, the woman braiding my hair, glared at me. "Carrots are roots. They grow in the ground," she said furiously. "They DO NOT grow on trees!" hello, I'm stupid.

look, I'm andy warhol!

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