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ecstasy floss
2004-03-26 | 10:00 a.m.

Although I tend to oscillate wildly between feeling as if there is no hope whatsoever of redemption for mankind and feeling as if I might be happy living walden style, occasionally something happens that gives me a slight shimmer of hope that I might be able to live harmoniously in this world. Last night I felt a small confidence after a dream in which I had the greatest idea of all time: ecstasy floss. I really can't think of anything better than MDMA in an easily accessible flossing format. It is slightly odd that I dreamt this, because the night before I had a delicious dream in which I was a coke runner in a country exactly like Costa Rica, but with giraffes. I was running coke for love and pushing x for cash, but I was happy and icily removed, so I think that this is something to truly aspire to. I have also been considering parceling off parts of my brain for petty cash. I would be like a more personable palm pilot; I would remember rich peoples' obscure aunts' birthdays and remind them to take out the trash, or to tell their servants to take out the trash. I am having some really great ideas. Now I am madly overconfident in my ability to succeed in this dualistic world in which there are craven people but there are also pleasant trees and forests.

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