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2004-03-27 | 3:57 p.m.

I look at faces and I see eyes and ears, cheeks and chins, but I never see the brain inside, or the red, serous personality, or the refined bones in the ear. inside of every darting eye movement there is a personality and a thought pattern, and they tell people to wear matching velour outfits or to drive very fast or to read the da vinci code. but for every action I think there are probably thirty childhood events that pushed the action outwards. for example, when I have an insane urge to swim, maybe it's because of the happy times I had with my parents beside pools, playing games, trying to fly by tying canoe paddles to my arms, swimming with my brother. I try to clarify my tastes. I try to improve myself. I think that the genes I have from my parents are sometimes nothing but ropes that tie me to predetermined actions and thoughts and feelings.

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