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nietzsche + wagner = I'm not quite sure
2004-03-29 | 12:00 p.m.
I saw Wagner's 'the flying dutchman' yesterday, and I can tell that my sister totally loved it because every thirty seconds she tapped on my arm with a look of grave concern, hissing at me in an imploring voice, wondering how much longer until it was over. Although I tried reassuring her that there was plenty left by making up completely inaccurate guesses, such as 'two days,' 'six hours,' I can tell that she was not satisfied and probably wanted it to go on a lot longer. To be completely honest, she was probably dissapointed when she found out that I had lied to her about a big climax at the end in which nietzsche, wagner, hitler, and jesus all fight on stage hip-hop style. It would be cool to hear an opera about nietzsche.

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