porn, super porn
hi from LAX
2004-04-05 | 10:25 a.m.

my amazing parrot named punchy!

Ultimately, optimally, unlikely, when we are well-fed and sexually satiated and clothed and warm and satisfied, we have only our own existence to contemplate, and only our own limits to consider. Otto Gross might ask what the point of repression is, since the point in life is happiness and all desires are natural? And yet when I think of people I most admire historically, and what I want to aspire to, I think of lovely and gorgeous suffering and self-control. I suppose Punchy does whatever the hell she wants, and I guess I could do that, too, if I didn't want to be anything more than Punchy. But I want to transcend everything in the whole world, I want to smile at my immediate desires, I want to have options.

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