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hi from a thoroughly unmemorable family visit
2004-04-09 | 12:42 a.m.

If you wanted me to utter the name of one place that you should never, ever go, I would say 'fredericksburg,' a small, provincial, providentially atrocious town of excessively quaint cuteness. In fredericksburg (where my siblings live) one may leisurely stroll down the carefully kitschified sidewalks of sweet main street, perusing antiques, beer in hand, until you shoot yourself in the head. Anyway, I took some pictures of my visit, none of which turned out very well. The girl on the upper left is my eight year old sister Ali. Moving in a clockwise direction, you will find Ali with my five year old sister, Hope, holding their guinea pigs. Below is Sam in an ennui-induced coma, and to the left is me, cautiously optimistic, hopelessly entangled.

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