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2004-04-21 | 11:29 p.m.

It occurred to me yesterday that I suck. I have all kinds of facts and figures to support this conclusion, I have pie charts, I have blood samples. For example, what super powers do I have? I can't breathe underwater or shoot lasers from my eyelids. I probably wouldn't be able to perform surgery or anything complicated like that. I can't even play the violin. I think that the best thing that people that suck can do is just accept the fact and move on, and check the self-help section of the local bookstore. Those of us that suck are also unable to present ideas in a way that is coherent and interesting. A lot of stuff has been going on but I haven't the slightest idea what to say about it. What ever happened to the question 'who's your best friend?'? Does the fact that I'm big and creepy automatically preclude me from asking or being asked this integral question? I'm going to start asking this more often. MY bestbest friend (FRIEND, SHAUN, FRIEND) in the whole wide world, Anthony, just got back from France yesterday, I haven't seen him in ages. I'm bored now so I'm just going to let my cat George finish this up really fast.

GOOD THING: I'm going to Iceland in two weeks or so.

BAD THING: I was kicked out of the Squarepusher show in Dallas.

GOOD THING: I get to see Ira Glass tomorrow.

BAD THING: there isn't any electricity or water at my house.

GOOD THING: I haven't been arrested lately.

BAD THING: I wrote this poem:

I'm sorry/I'm sorry, Calvin/I'm sorry about your hair/I'm sorry, okay?

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