porn, super porn
totalitarian agriculture
2004-06-01 | 4:50 p.m.

last night, in belogna, in the bathroom, at the train station, as I hoisted my bag over my shoulder, an avalanche of hypodermic syringes fell on my head. I instinctually covered my head with my arms as they rained down on me, some made of glass, some made of plastic. naturally, the glass broke around my feet, and as soon as the trollish matron of the train station's bathroom heard the clatter, she rushed over and began pounding on my door and screaming at me in Italian. "Ich gebe ihnen eine spritze," was really the only thing I could say, but she was unphased. I was genuinely frightened of her. Eventually she left to doubtlessly wash something that needed washing, and I stared at the clatter around my feet in utter disbelief, needles covered in blood, glass in my shoes.

In a universal exhale we were born. I truly believe that man's arrival on this planet can be attributed to cosmic consequence, incidence, accident. We are... here, without divine guidance, arbitrary and alone, children left alone in a candy shop. I'm not sure what happened. According to all well-respected historians, in mesolithic, neolithic, and paleolithic times, we were simply another living thing in the world, another animal. now we own the world, loud and proud, irrevocably fucked, spiritually hollow. I saw people throw cans into the river and it nearly broke my heart. I don't have anything else to say. I have only words to play with.

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