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my life in summertime
2004-07-11 | 5:20 p.m.

sunday <---lazy, hazy summer days fall all over me, hot and salty, Steinbeck weather.

monday <--- this is a summer for smoking marijuana, sitting outside and reading old books, painting my old house.

tuesday <--- Anthony is coming home soon.

wednesday <--- The circus is in town, and almost everytime I leave my house, I see the elephants outside of the erwin center, tossing their sad trunks into the air, rumbling into one another. do you see the long scar on my arm, underneath my tattoo, in that picture? The bone in my arm shattered and now I have a metal plate keeping it together; no long term effects after therapy, although sometimes it's detected by a metal detector

thursday <--- it's too hot to almost do anything.

friday <--- jene, brian, shaun and I have lunch in my big, bright backyard, noodles, greenbeans, salted tomatoes, summerfood

saturday <--- reconstruction projects the US pledged to complete in Iraq: 2,300. number of projects the US has completed on this day: 140. number of days that my father has been dead: 579. number of people that live in the world right now: 6,442,576,300. god and I still have a communication problem, in fact I don't mind telling you that he's been giving me the silent treatment for about 21 years now! if you see him, will you let him know that I'm ready to work things out?

sunday <--- the world is still spinning around the sun, my heart is still beating

monday <--- very hot, very hot

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