porn, super porn
memory serves too well
2004-07-17 | 12:50 p.m.

quigley, apropos of... nothing:

the sunlight is lovely today, dappled, golden-appled, magic! would you like to hear of my hapless night? we had a last minute party and met all of our virtuous, industrious, young neighbors which are all in bands. I am in love with my neighborhood, and I'm going to marry it and be mrs. east of I-35. once upon a time I'm sitting here writing this down... oh gosh! there is still alcohol thickening through my brain, my mind is floating on a tumultuous sea of red wine and rum and coke, and rum, and rum, and rum. I saw stacy for the first time in forever oh no I never made all of that seafood I bought last night! the night ended for me when I leaned against the wall, squeezed my eyes shut, clutched my stomach, and prayed that I wouldn't throw up. I'm young so this supreme silliness suits me, this hapless frivolity, and this will remain a testament to it, forever and ever, hello you are seeing me drunk.

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