porn, super porn
2004-07-29 | 5:53 p.m.

my world is aclatter with rain, and I'm watching it from my pink hammock on the porch. sometimes, I feel like the universe is split: two parallel universes, one always wet, one always dry, and we merely flit between the two at appropriate times. when the clouds crack open, we are ripped into the wet world, which is brimming with umbrellas and umbrageous people crouching in doorways, running here or there, covering their heads. people act unusual and disorientated by this change of worlds, and they act accordingly; they run to windows eagerly and write sappy poetry or light fires in the fireplaces and snuggle. sometimes the rain will make you grab the hand of someone you don't know very well. the rainy world is crazy; you must be careful with the rain's weird powers! personally, I love. the rain. my bones creak and crack with premonition, the world is wet and waterlogged and dreamy. diamond drops are sliding down the twisted electric lines in my yard, gathering bulk until they fall, too gluttonous to stay. in the rainy world people are placid, and subdued, and they notice their surroundings. and then we singularly drip back into the old, dry world, where things are normal again.

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