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too hot thought
2004-08-04 | 4:40 a.m.

let's consider the position of summer in the merry movies! it is an extraordinarily happy time in which gentle yolk-yellow sun drips and dabbles, dappled, on families hotdogging, baseballing, picnicing and playing fetch with barksalot, the golden retriever. unless one is saving the world in the middle of the summer, no one is sporting unsightly sweat, no one's hair is untidily and grumpily out of place. but here, in austin, texas, where we are held over a pot of boiling water every summer, the air is scorching, roasting, blinding. I miss the crisp and alert winter air, the juxtaposition of fire, a sun firmly flying away. autumn is my favorite season, when you can still swim during the day and comfortably pull a blanket over your sexxxy body at night. not you specifically, of course. god, this post sucks. I'm trying to kick my ass into writing consistently, for practice -- I want to write a book soon. but for every 1 thing I tell you here, there are 5,000 things that I don't tell you, that I won't tell you, and my body is tired. it's late. go then.

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