porn, super porn
why do dogs suddenly appear...
2004-08-06 | 5:54 p.m.

shopping. Holly is making me go shopping with her, and I know that she will never relent until we go. so we are going. Smatterofact, she is hovering over me right now, trying to pry my wrists from the keyboard, but I'm like the marquis de sade, I'll write with my feces if I have to. what am I talking about? I agreed to go shopping. once, in express, this sales lady came up to me and said 'hi! how are you!' and I said 'um... not so good, I just had an abortion and I feel awful.' the reason I'm putting up with this abuse from holly to write this to you is to let you know that tomorrow I'm going to upload my entire book I wrote when I was 18! like ohmygod!

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