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ice cream creatures
2004-08-19 | 4:49 a.m.

well well! my band, ICE CREAM CREATURES, has finally released part of its new album, everything I touch turns to more touches, online. whee! look at us! we're cute! the website is far from finished, but we're working on it. you can listen to parts of it here. tell your friends! tell your enemies! or keep it to yourself! whatever. if you're curious about the lyrics, I can e-mail them to you whenever I get round to it.

and if you like electronic music, there's going to be a fab show in austin this saturday featuring cylob, girl talk, and hearts of darknesses at gallery lombardi around 9. I'll be the really high person doing cartwheels.

1. I saw saved! tonight at the drafthouse with josh.

2. my cat has a mysterious hole in his stomach, and I'm worried.

3. it's almost 5 in the morning. off to bed!

ice cream creatures:

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