porn, super porn
I was the shadow of the waxwing slain by the false azure of the window pane
2004-08-22 | 12:54 a.m.

in chamonix, france!:

I have to warn you of something! I am on drugs! therefore, this will all be... inconsequential, a word that contains the word con within its chunky syllables, something I feel obligated to mention because I am wasting your pretty, precious time. oh, dear!.

Holly, my roommate, is leaving in 5... 4... 3... and we bought a large bag of mushrooms. but for tonight, we drank tall, heeping bottles of cough syrup not thirty minutes ago, and already I am thinking in friendly ways, in wistful and wonderful ways, in ways of colorful flashes and splashes. this is holly's first time to dxm. I sincerely hope she likes it. and I think she will.

well, my time is up for the day, and I have so much to do soon, like visiting glaciers and underwater crevices, and meeting talking animals, until I pass out on my bed and kiss the many pink, white, and yellow butterflies that swim around the pinkish background. I actually really like my bed, unlike my dresser which appears to have been an old pinebox of a coffin. if I had to, and it was flooding, I would use the dresser as a home and write poetry in it; at night I would sit upon it and look at the moon, thinking, 'wow... how did it ever come to this?' and then I would fall asleep with my new friends of the sea, like sharky, and frank the fish, dolphi, starryfishy, and wiggens the whale from wales.

and that would be my life. I'm fading and soon I'll be in another world.

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