porn, super porn
nothing short of smiles in the summertime
2004-08-26 | 10:06 p.m.

the very model of enthusiasm!

mazes; minty places in my mind to crawl through. I'm not making any sense. sorry!, my brain is falling all over itself. Ice Cream Creatures is practicing right now, but instead of practicing I am dutifully writing to you. We're playing with Rip-Off Artist September 9th at an AMODA fall showcase. Holly's sad, stuffed suitcases are leaning against the closet in the living room; she is leaving on Saturday. I feel like my brain is full of beating birds' wings. I can't concentrate. write more later.

ps. this is sooo passe. asdflkweroiu! I'm partially influenced by the band adult. wheee x 100

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