porn, super porn
good times... in jail!
2004-11-08 | 3:30 p.m.

starlight, you're all that I can see. as I write this, four of my siblings are crashing and destroying my house, surprise, surprise! also, I had to bail my brother (christopher, 20) out of jail for possession of marijuana. when we were both very young, I told christopher that I knew the recipe for 'flying.' and then I dropped a small insect in his ear. he couldn't fly, but he did have to go to the hospital for surgery.

I've been to jail. it was for a minor incident (a bounced check), but jail was still terribly interesting and cold and lonely. I was booked, my picture was taken, there was dismay all around when I was asked for my religion and I said 'atheist.'

"we'll just put 'undecided,' shall we?" the officer that booked me said, and then they led me to the female branch of the jail. I was the only female. I laid down in every bed, looked at all the walls for secret signs of the other women, looked for hidden messages. I became bored and talked to the officer through my window on the door. "so when do we eat?" I asked jovially.

"please don't talk to me," he said.

"may I have some porn? I'm so lonely..." I said. he closed the window.

my mother took care of things and I was free the next day. this was three years ago.

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