porn, super porn
kaleidoscopic lexical sugar cellophane
2004-11-13 | 8:07 p.m.

I get lost. as I slid and splipped past and through partying people at the light bar, last night, I felt swallowed by the mass of mirrored, shiny faces laughing blankly, words flying in from all directions, tilted glasses sloshing, twinkling lights twirling off the glass-stems, and I was confused. which one am I? what's my line again? I saw tables of men with hungry looks, and girls hanging on each other to stumble to the bathroom with expensive silks and slips and alluring girlsmells. same words, just different conversations. I smoked cigarettes in the icy blackness with josh, looking at the lights of the frost tower, people working late, people working overtime. I danced at oslo, which was fun. I love to dance. for my julliard application I have decided to play chopin's revolutionary etude and fantasty impromptu, a bach prelude and fugue (haven't decided which), beethoven's pathetique sonata, and a rachmaninoff etude (I know, you weren't really wondering).

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