porn, super porn
surprised by santas
2004-12-23 | 5:34 p.m.

on Saturday Holly and I went to sixth street, that hallmark of austin, harbinger of things to come, to drink and dance. we were walking east, from oslo. 'I hate hip hop,' holly fumed, and all of a sudden we saw two hundred people dressed in santa claus costumes rounding the corner, only feet ahead. they were singing jingle bells, and it was deafening. my mouth opened. 'is it?' I asked. 'I have to take a picture,' holly cried, plunging into the crowd of santas, gothic santas, sexy santas, unsavory santas. as I stood at the corner, gaping, various santas 'ho ho hoed' me, pressing candy canes into my fist, patting my hair. holly and I decided to join the santas, and we joined them for drinks at the driskill hotel. when they were kicked out, we followed them to buffallo billiards, where we were hit on by unsavory santas. we snuck out the back door, ran to the car, and went home. happy holidays. if you can find me in the picture below, you get $1,000,000* dollars.

*is not real, does not exist

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