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I love dxm
2005-04-07 | 3:23 p.m.

my breath tastes like cherries.

my breath tastes like cherries because I drank a bottle of cough syrup about 45 minutes ago.

I can feel my heart fluttering against my cheeks. I am listening to slowdive and the sound is giving me a hug... I feel loved by music. blah blah. who knows how this will read when I'm sober. the words on the screen look thin and brittle and breakable, and jagged, and jarring. where am I?

I am, home,

I am home and my breath tastes like cherries. I feel like a cherry, so pulpy and pressed outwards against a rosy surface. I just went deaf in one ear.

I feel illuminated, flickering... like a candle in a pumpkin. I'm laughing. I just said 'a candle in a pumpkin.' it's getting too hard to type.

and so I...

say goodbye.

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