porn, super porn
"never again"
2005-04-11 | 2:40 a.m.

flthpflthp. cocaine. vodka. whiskey. marijuana. red bull. I have no nostrils. they have fluttered away. my eyes are bright. all aboard the Good Ship Advertent. captain: christian!! everyone at the bar is stupid. everyone at the bar is trying to get laid. I'm dancing in the bright lights. bright lights, I am dancing in, my pupils incandescent and light flashing off. flaring.

'scottie, shaun, I'm so glad you're my friends. can we be friends forever? forever?'

we toast to this. we all toast with whiskey, scottie makes a face, I am laughing. I am dancing. we are all dancing. can we be friends forever?

mumble. mumble. I look her in the eye, I look him. him. her. catch her eye. are you smart? are you spunky? will wild plastic flowers be placed at your grave? and forgotten.

can we be friends forever?

this is all still unfolding. happening. things are happening. I am alive. I want to be your friend.

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