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the discreet charm of christian alexander
2005-05-19 | 2:48 a.m.

christian reports, you decide. actually, I'm trying to be more discreet. a new beginning.

it is three-oh-three. I have cut my finger deeply and with each palpitated pulse of my heart mottled blood spills over the keypad. where should the commas go. nebulous new york was a wonder, again. a tight-fitting island of fighting and fucking and flatulating, forceable conversation that kneads its way into your ear. needs to be heard. most things happen off of the ground, in tall buildings, transacting and quaking, shaking, mock angels looking downwards. I am onto my second bottle of red wine, can you tell? my sixteen year old sad insubstantial sister sam went into rehab yesterday. my heart quivers. I need to fill my house with love; I got a new kitten today I named robot. my heart is so broken that the pieces float around my blood stream, prick my skin, puke it out. so much for discretion.

fuck you.

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