porn, super porn
it's summertime
2005-06-04 | 10:02 a.m.

my parrot, pushkin, and me

gravely, wearily, I opened one eye this morning to the inordinate earliness of the dawn: orange streaks in the blackness, god's rebellious morning hair covering the day.

morning mourning.

I walk into the living room and gingerly avoid slipping on glass and a tiny, sad pile of eyeliner pencils that are broken into pieces like fragile twigs. my sixteen year old sister sam never came home from her date with jamie, although her curfew was many many hours ago. I'm not worried, I'm upset. pick some glass out of my foot.

last night I had a nervous breakdown. I broke everything I could get my hands on. I shattered a window, I cut my hand, I screamed harder and hoarser than I ever had. I feel better today; I gave up on sam and went to kerbey lane. I drank coffee and read the paper. normalcy. it'll be okay. while I sipped my coffee, my new lip piercing slid from the plump pulpiness of my lip, a stabbing shock of surprise. it would not go back in. it hurt like love.

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