porn, super porn
2005-06-14 | 11:11 a.m.

fuck you, rainforest! not really. I love the rainforest in all of its mossy mulchy madness. I am in seattle now, but I just went jogging in the forest. a snip of summer beauty. I've been up since 4 am, my mind is tipped forward, everything in my brain wants to come spilling out. smoke a cigarette. vibrate.

to go whale watching a few days ago I went sailing around the vancouver and san juan islands, the wind whipping and tearing and wearing, clawing at my face. now it is as red as my hair. I cannot believe how beautiful it is here; sailing past the mottled maw of the grey green forest and the raw rocks. the tide. settled and still, always aiming at that amaranthine, crisp line where the sky meets the sea. from the boat:

there were rocks slathered with seals, speckled, so awkward on the land. shy harbor porpoises would appear and disappear. I saw seagulls dive underwater, and then I remembered flying fish, and I guess maybe a bird and a fish could fall in love after all? giant ships trailing tiny boats. salty salty spray, always on my face. a young orca male rolled over on his belly and flopped his tail and I practically died of cuteness. I couldn't take any pictures after the first hour or so because my battery died, but I drew a picture of a whale instead:

I'm about to go have coffee and hang out with madeline. drive around the forests in this hideous brown van I have on my hands. van hands. later I'll meet up with my friend umami, who is going to marry my best friend holly, but they don't know it yet. they will when I lock them in a closet for six hours!! and this is what a picture of a forest looks like when I turn it UPSIDE DOWN!:

and this is a picture of where my new shoes live:

and here I am in the summer sun, in seattle, from seattle, saying goodbye, stranger, with the sharp-shaped soul, a puzzle piece to someone else.

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