porn, super porn
can't take a stand without falling down
2005-06-29 | 4:29 p.m.

my sister, faith, 12:

one nice thing about having six younger siblings is that I can tug at them, toy with them, dress them up and take pictures. 'tilt your head a little bit to the left. no, my left. open your eyes a bit. now hold still.'

'but christian, I --'

'shut up! look coy.' snap crackle pop. here I sit, sip a cigarette, back from new york city, new york surety, its lonliness and its loveliness. I'll be in washington dc for july 4th, and I'm staying in the watergate hotel! I'm super excited about this. dreams of ghosts and guests.

scarce words, scared words, things I do not say... pink cloud-clots vanishing. I live in the thin line between night and day.

oh, also leaving for india on july 14th. wheee x 450. me:

oh, also, today my brother, christopher, is 21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER!!! he is vacationing in cuba right now or I would drag him down sixth street and alcohol would light and lead him. CHRISTOPHER I AM WAITING FOR YOU WITH A BIG BOTTLE OF VODKA

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