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a side of belief & a half-gallon of afterclap
2005-11-02 | 1:42 p.m.

india seems strangely silent today, after diwali, after the strong explosions all around and all of the blinking, winking lights and lamps. now gone. I LIKE it. I LOVE it. I biked beside a hummingbird this morning and I almost cried and blew my nose on purple flowers winding their way around a coconut palm. because I am tired of people, with their painted smiles, with their artificial chuckles. count me out.

I am flying back to the states on friday, the person driving me to the airport is lenny, the IIT driver, and he is the one I was with in the flood. he called me and my sister by the same name and ignored us mostly when we would ask him questions, and he would issue orders like 'cover yourself', 'roll up the window', 'close that door', 'stop smoking.' I hate being told what to do, but I only gritted my teeth. sam was more foward, however, and she told him that he could go fuck himself. I also learned from lenny that I shouldn't trust any muslims and that salman khan is a terrible actor. I hate lenny and so I have made a list of questions I am going to ask him.

I live in a spacious, cheery flat on the IIT campus in pawaii, a campus that reaches in and grabs your heart through the throat. ie., it is beautiful. I threw an oreo at a monkey yesterday and he squealed, bared his yellowed cheese teeth. this is what I do. sunlight leaks through the leaves, yellow patches and palms and withering warmth. it's getting cool now outside. I'm about to dxm. okay that's it.

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