porn, super porn
we don't listen to people who don't like us
2005-11-11 | 12:31 a.m.
sponged orange spun sugar clouds would cleave and coalesce across the sun as I rode down a road spread out like a ribbon. upside down, squished through my eyes, right-side up. I saw a protestant horror of a scroll-sign, saying that it was 115 degrees outside and bless the lord!. I stuck my arm out of the window and it was in fact not 115 degrees outside. it was more like 60 degrees and when I smoked my cigarette my hand shook with cold. now why would they lie to me like that?

I watched the 'comedy' the 40-year-old virgin, and then I cried my eyeballs out. but I'll have to talk about this more later because my sister just spilt a smoothie

in her,


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