porn, super porn
tears in the typing pool
2005-12-08 | 3:31 a.m.

my belly, which is named dr. kisses:

awkwardness happening. I make mistakes in tune with the sharp ticks of time. fire in my heart. mountains of memories and erratic paths behind me, what could have happened, what I could have been. one messy mind made of food and breath. the days fall all over each other until I am 22 and tall, summer and fall. god, what have I done. I introduced myself to someone yesterday 'hello my name is mistake.' it feels that way sometimes.

but I'm happy. haughty & hardy. I adopted another puppy yesterday, ribs sticking out that I could have played the xylophone on. I named her supermodel but then I named her pepper. she is missing a toe. I am missing some time. did you know I was straight-up in a coma once? yes it's true. a car crash. irrelevant. sometimes I talk too much. me-me-me-me. missing you.

goodnight moon.

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