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2005-12-10 | !

freaky-freaky bitches. is what I like!

I am feeling loud, light-hearted, my heart hammering my head. today my dog, khushi, said 'ow.' like a human. I looked in her mouth but I did not see the devil down there. what. is. going. on. I went into town today to go to market, in the cab of a crusty sikh, sweat-slick rivulets running on either side of his face. we were driving by crawford market, and looking at the piles of produce, and I said absent-mindedly 'I'm looking for strawberries.'

'APPLES!' my cab driver exclaimed suddenly. 'what?' I asked. he shook his head wearily. 'those are apples, not strawberries.'

'I know,' I said. 'apples!' he cried. it is the season for weddings, and almost every day I see colorful, bright wedding processions, the groom's face covered and a beautiful blushing bride throbbing with smiles. I always see people dancing in a huge crowd, waving cloth in the air. it makes me happy. I would jump out of the car and dance but I don't really think that's appropriate. women never dance here. they just sit around fanning their faces, crinkled with chalk-talk.

I got really wasted yesterday before I got henna-ed. which was perfect. I just stared off into space and sung inside my head. the girl who was writing on my wrists in red sang at the top of her lungs off-key, and I would say 'is this from bunti au babli? is this khabie khabie?' and she would burst out laughing. 'how you know this music! is very different from your [american] black music.' I just stared at her. uuh. alright!

this is what I look like when I'm so trashed that I can't even walk:

I bought cameras at crawford market for christmas presents, and being there reminded me of when sam (my sister) and I were shopping there a few months back, and this extremely conspicuous man stalked us for two hours. he would speed up and pretend to be looking at something, but as soon as we passed him he would be right at our heels again. we tried going in one direction and then quickly turning unexpected corners, but he was always there, staring at sam and her chest. it made us both extremely uncomfortable. finally I slapped him and people laughed and we thought we had lost him, but we turned a corner and there he was again! I think he was made of magic. we caught a cab and went home. another day, skip the world and another day, skip the world, and another day.

a scary staircase I descended today:


and yesterday while I was feeding supermodel, a monkey jumped on the porch. I named him 'monkey.' I thought he wanted to be my pretty pet princess but actually he wanted to get away as fast as possible. byeeeee monkey! I'm going to stop these half-histronic puffs of pearl-words, whatever that means, but first I have to say that I finished one night @ the call center, the most popular book in india right now, and it was THE WORST BOOK EVER. not only was the writing infantile and the plot ridiculous, but the ending was straight-up stolen from life of pi by yann martel, it's too close to be coincidence. it's plagiarism! who is listening! let's raise a people's army and seize control of the state!

looook into my eyes. don't eat that pizza! it is bad for you!

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