porn, super porn
2005-12-13 | 4:15 p.m.

bite-bite (the elephant) and I are going to get MARRIED!

'do you, elephant, take christian to be your lawfully wedded human wife? well? well? do you?! say something!'

elegant elephants everywhere, walking gingerly and limberly. with each step of flesh the earth shakes. a few days ago when I came out of my friendly neighborhood grocery store (haiko) two enormous elephants were outside and I bought them peanuts. I think elephants are lumbering rumbling land whales, ears like palm fronds, tiny tails that wag.

I went to chowpatty beach today. 'take me to chowpatty beach,' I told the cab driver. 'no,' he said. I got in anyway and the smell of tide and trash crashed into my nose, and it was lonely and empty, long expanse of sand littered with pebbles, and trash, and I just want to walk into the sea and never come back.

afterwards I walked to hajali mosque, in the salty sea. you can only walk there during low tide, and the path is cluttered and crammed. I bought a soda and then I saw this man hitting his two children for no reason and so I slapped him soundly and shouted at him and then I retreated, falling farther away, rushing away from you a million miles a minute. and on and on.

do you think that the planets are merely electrons, swirling around the sun, a nucleus, and we're all just almost-invisible cells in the body of god? sometimes.

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