porn, super porn
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2005-12-16 | 1:33 a.m.

I feel like this.

I am tired, socially asleep. I feel gutted and hollow. I feel like I cannot connect with men because I am competing with pageantry and porn, unrealistic hyperboles, dishonesties. give it to me now. uh huh. most women aren't porn. most women posess a sultry spirit that can't be defined, that leaks to all areas of life, that leaks to wearing the same pair of panties prominently and perusing the paper with puffy unmade eyes. ppppporn is a farce. sparse. the everyday seeps in. (dormant divorce. fake fantasies.) porn lies about sex.

I'm not going to buy into a power dynamic that no one seems to understand, that women aren't equipped to deal with. and far from being empowering in its exhibitionism, it undermines womens sense of themselves and their ability to be dominating 'outside the bedroom.' I don't believe in objectifying women. when the clothes are off, there is still a potent personality that beats behind the flesh, which will be prominent, which may give you the cause to pause.

yes I am boring. I am dropping out of the race. I predict that I will be alone until I die of a drug overdose at age 27.


but it sounds fun to me.

this world, whirled, whorled... no love. lascivious compromise. I refuse to compete. but! LOL! no one wants to hear of this negative nature! you want to be entertained. you want your brain to be abducted by endless entertainment. so let me just say two things:

1. a joke! so I slept past my alarm clock and I woke up and said 'OH NO. [humorous shock] I'm going to be late to my job at the alarm clock factory!

2. I will be in thailand in a week. if you say something against the thai royal family you could be sentenced to seven years in jail. so let me just say FUCK THE THAI ROYAL FAMILY. THEY HAVE WEBBED FEET. ONE OF THEM HAS A LAZY EYE.

okay, back to ur regularly scheduled programming. I am t.o.B.a.H (tired of being a human). until then, I remain rolling around on the floor, laughing my ass off,

cagey christian... still tripping, still tweaking. still crippling, still creaking. still sipping, still freaking.

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