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wrapped around a flesh canoe
2005-12-21 | 1:12 a.m.

picture zeit mit christian! I haven't really been interested in 'looking good' lately. alright!

I went to elephanta island a few days ago, an hour by boring boat from bombay. what can I say what can I say. there are massive hindu caves there and also lots of fried corn. you catch the boats beside the gate of india, which looks like this:

from the boat you can see the gate quite well and also the taj mahal hotel to its left side. they are totally best friends.

I also passed what used to be a prison in the middle of the sea. this tiny japanese woman beside me poked me in the arm and said 'that used to be a prison!' 'thank you for telling me that,' I said. then she kept talking for an hour.

finally I arrived, a huddled mass yearning to be free. I RODE THE TRAIN.

I was sitting across from a woman wearing a burka and a cowboy hat. also, men swimming in the distance.

then I climbed about a million stairs and I was very sweaty and tired. so I did not take a picture of that. and then I saw this monkey:

I snuck behind him and pushed him off of his special chip eating spot. this made him very angry and then the other monkeys decided to be angry also. monkeys are complete asocial sociopaths.

this is what the cave looks like from the outside:

I made a new friend

I fed a cow a cookie

everyone else was eating lunch in a pavilion, but I was not invited, and so I stood outside and cried and took a picture.

this woman saw me taking pictures and she screamed 'TAKE MY PICTURE.' so I did. 'give me money!' she screeched. hell no.

learn magic tricks in two minutes? I am so there.

a column carved out of vanilla ice cream

I bought a coke and a monkey hopped up and grabbed it out of my hand.

I look so ridiculous

I'm boarding my plane for singapore in a few hours. friends suck. if I had any I would dump them. salut!

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