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amen break for president 2004
2004-03-22 | 12:40 p.m.

hello my little computer potatoes! I am in the united states of wherever now, the land of inadvertant totalitarianism. Apparently while I was gone my sister decided to act out scenes from her favorite teen movies and throw a big party at my house involving underage teenagers, hormones, alcohol, panties on the floor, et cetera. she is so grounded. but she doesn't seem to appreciate my mission of complete subjugation, and when I told her that she would not be able to use her cell phone for about two weeks, well... it was just like that day when our mom dropped her off at the piggly wiggly and never came back.

I often wonder why people are so terribly impulsive and capricious; this is a culture of such unmitigated, anxious boredom. sometimes I feel like everything would be okay if people would just forget about television and take off their shoes and go outside and sing songs together, but scandal is too scintillating and entertainment is addictive. it occured to me that perhaps the reason that people are willing to risk so much for moments of small, irrelevant pleasure is because there was a moment when we were mere concepts, conceived in the moment of an orgasm, a small inconsequential pleasure. I often wonder if my mom was having any fun the night I was conceived, and maybe if that's casted a somewhat melancholy pall over my entire life.*

*I don't actually believe that

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