porn, super porn
tim e
2004-04-20 | 10:28 a.m.

Hi big bright beautiful world! It's springtime in Texas; there's a twinkle in every eye, a spring in every step, and fruit aching on every tree. The weather changes, I'm getting older, Sam's growing taller... it's like time is taking over this fucking planet and no one gives a damn. Wouldn't it be perfectly wonderful if time would simply stop for everyone but me and I could go leaping down the streets, unhindered and clearly unhinged? Actually I must apologize for my jolly jovial jokingness. I have true nervousness; I know exactly how temporal and unnecessary I am in this world. I could try to chase this perfect second, the one in which I'm sitting here, talking to you, with some measure of completeness and understanding, but if I tried I would only end up somewhere in the middle of the ocean. I probably have a juvenile and inaccurate subconscious understanding of time. What is sad is that time goes on whether I understand it or not.

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