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venice is sinking, sinking, sinking
2004-05-30 | 9:01 a.m.

hi from venice, lovely and lively, my favorite city in the world. Unfortunately a lot of other people like it, too, which means that I'll be completely absorbed by something peculiarly enchanting only to be scared to death by someone shouting behind me "PA! BETTER CALL AUNT MAYBERRY TO LET HER KNOW BROTHER DAN HAS SYPHILIS! GET OVER THERE BY THAT STRANGE MAN SO I CAN TAKE YOUR PICTURE BEFORE I SLAP YOUR FACE OFF!".

I generally try to avoid people and venice is probably the worst place for that. The last time I was here was (I think) May 2001, with my class of five; David (tall, athletic, helped me with my calculus homework), kelly (tall, athletic, giggled a lot, dated brian), brianntravis (twins, tall, athletic, followed david around everywhere), and me (tall, clumsy, I argued a lot with my classmates). one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had was that venice was submerged under water, and I was swimming in and out of windows, floating down the streets, backstroking through the guggenheim museum.

my friend scottie, a manager of a stupid company in austin, wrote himself up yesterday for telling a customer that she was stupid on the telephone. hi scottie.

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