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may brahamanical order prevail
2005-05-16 | 11:45 p.m.

in india:

I am back from new york city, but I'll write about it tomorrow when this bottle of wine isn't blackening my brain. also, I thought I would write down this letter, mistakes intact, that a man in India gave to me. it is a letter he wrote to george w. bush. I read it all the time and smile my face off because it is quite beautiful and charming despite the fact that most of it doesn't make any sense to me.


President Bush's collapse at Tokyo reception as revealed later, by th First lady, was caused by the shock he got from his losing to the Japanese Emperor and the Prince, in the game of tennis. If it is true, he is advised to take a plunge into the unfathommed oceanic depths of the Gita and learn its Nishkama Karamyoga (A general panacea for all kinds of psychobiological & spiritual ills), if he so wishes to remain a 'fit' suprem of the material world's supreme power, that the United States of America today is.

And for some real practical lessons in this time-tested universal technique of psycho-somatic disipline, which has to its credit, an entire nation's 850 million mentally and physically fit and normal, eatin-drinking and merry-making people, surviving amidst all sorts of social, economic and politial odds and ills, Hon'ble President Bush may approach his former counterpart, Comrade Gorbachev, who exhibited grand mastery in it, during his trials and tribulation, last year. He, like a perfect Nishkama Karamyogi, took everything in the stride, with a big smile -- showing not a sign of any tension or breakdown on his exterior, he kept his cool and equinamity intact, when he had got to give up at long last, his presidential post and deliver his nuclear sinews (button) to his adversary. He did all that and watched his beloved great Union disintegrating quietly, like Lord Krishna did, when His own kins fought to destroy themselves and His beloved city of Dwarka.

Further, what happened at the Tokyo reception and in Soviet Russia, while enables all of us to realize the water bubble -- like nature of life and futility of human efforts, it urges us to read here, from Shakespeare:

"Life's but a poor player,

strutting and fretting at its hour,

then is heard no more,

It's a tale told by an idiot,

full of sound and fury,

signifying nothing in the end.

Hence, the above incidence (Pres. Bush's collapse) that occured unpredicted and unchecked despite world's most modern and sophisticated bio-medical technology and aid at his disposal, coupled with the others, (the unexpected political fall of pres. Gorbachev and the historic collapse of Communism and the great Soviet Union, despite all-out efforts to check all that), should serve as an eye-opener, not only to President Bush, but to all those who wield some or the other kind of power and influence, on earth, enabling them to see the life's ultimate single truth -- human predicament and destiny beyong human control, on the one hand, frailty and ephemeralty of human existence itself, on the other.

And, if it is so realized, shouldn't the above occurances urge every empowered person -- who is not a Hannibal the Cannibal -- like psychopath or a brute or barbarian, (of the like of middle ages' Central Asian hordes of ruthless fanatic killers and plunderers), but sensitive and developed human being brought-up on the doses of rational, democratic-liberal and humanistic civilized norms and values (which the entire western education and people stand for) -- to contemplate a bit over the true nature of the things and change: Giving-up all vain Alexanderian ambitions to conqer and rule the universe, and taking a cue from Lord Buddha, Jesus and Emperor Ashoka, concentrate sincerely, on the collective efforts to fight to finish, the global evil and common enemy of humanity at-large, whih is not the former Spectre of Communism or Socialism (that once rose in the West and spreaded to storm the East), but the wild and wanton jungles of 'Fundamentalism'. round the luminous gardens of rational and liberaldemocracies of the world.

This common evil has been identified by the 'School of Humanology', as the collective madness of a herd of schizophrenic people who have on the one and, ceased listening to the voices of reason and sanity, shutting themselves off to any kind of change and development in the world, on the other, instead of being directed by the dictat of sane and rational dialogue, they are guided and governed either by the dictat of an imaginary dogma or solely by the urgins of their biological needs.

And, if those desperate herds which have ben multiplying much faster than others and spreading all over, like prairie fires, are not checked at this juncture, by all the far-sighted and concerned people who have not as yet, resigned to the fate and believe in the Nishkama Karam (Action without attachment), they (those desperate herds) and their collective madness would soon become catalyst to the entire humanity's doom, by focing the world into a full-fledged nuclear war.

In the conclusio, we may say, for the attention of all evolved and sensitive people of the world that, if there is any utility or purpose, (apart from the biological ones of food & sex), of this otherwise, futile and frail human life, it is on the other hand, fighting and conquering the evil and establishing the kingdom of good-maximum good of the maximum number, on the other, becoming one with the Ultimate (ie. Salvation) assisting Him, thus in His job of restoring and preserving normalcy, peace and harmony. This (salvation) alone seems to be the only ultimate goal and prupose of higher or evolved human existence, (which is definately different from that of animal's)

And this can be achieved by reducing (if not completely eliminating), to a maxima, the conflicts and clashes between man and man; between man and society and among groups or countries, thourgh minimizing the speed and acceleration of Darwinian cyce of slaying others and getting slain by others, in return.


Thence, evil conquering Lord Rama, the epitome of human kind, hard like steel for evil and soft like butter fos aints and saintly, good and sane subject, and His Ram-Rajya (Kingdom of Ram), the epitome of the socialistic humanistic democratic monarchy, where, every individual unit exists as the state at large, should be made first, a subject of rational, universal and unbiased research to establish both's validity, then, taken to prevail over the Darwinian world of Golding's "Lord of the Flies".

May goodness and sanity prevail in the world. - Om Shanti-Shanti-Shanti

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