porn, super porn
it's always the same. no one to blame.
2005-07-10 | 10:22 p.m.

I pack, I paint, I indiscriminately paint white over walls once bursting and bleeding with color. no more red ink or pink. goodbye house, shaded and shadowed by the capitol, shielded by trees, type typety type. I'll be in india in two days, feeding geese, eating dal. practicing like crazy for juilliard and volunteering in a hospital. I'm teaching pushkin, my parrot, to say 'you can tacky up prom on your own 'cause I quit!'. he just starts bobbing his head up and down when I say it but I'm sure he'll catch on soon.

my. head. I'm about to explode. three of my sisters are over, shrieking and laughing and helping me paint. there's a pinch of time but a plethora of busy-busy activities. I have pictures from roseanna and clarke's party, and of my new tattooes, but I have no time now! stop bothering me!

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